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Card Printer - Matica / EdiSecure XID 8600 - Dual-Side - Retransfer Printer

Card Printer - Matica / EdiSecure XID 8600 - Dual-Side - Retransfer Printer

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Extreme security and ultimate reliability in one ID card printer package

The Matica XID8600 is a premium desktop printer, perfectly suited for mission-critical identification card printing programs. it's extremely capable of generating more than a 120 single-sided id badges or cards per hour, and also is available in a double-sided configuration. As part of Matica's XID collection, this six hundred DPI resolution card printer operates on over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology to give you the absolute highest quality print results. If you need first rate photo-realistic print quality, high security requirements, micro print, and total adaptability, choose this printer for your government, business or banking card print applications.

Extremely high resolution microprint for unmatched security.

The defining characteristic of microprint is that the printed text or microstructure looks like a solid line to the naked eye and requires magnification to reveal the text or image. This feature may be frequently seen on financial institution cards, documents or bank notes. In addition to microtext printing, this model can produce sharp and readable characters as small as 1 pt. in size. Crystal-clear printing of complex pictures and diffused graphical factors are added features that make it a clear choice. Bright colors, crisp skin tones and the ability to print almost hidden information are some of the extras you get with this high definition card and badge printer.

Remarkable security for mission-critical identification card applications.

Extremely secure identity cards, which include national ids, drivers licenses or employee access cards require extra care to prevent replication and tampering. The XID8600 unit itself comes ready with various protection capabilities which include an electronic lock, Kensington-lock and IPSEC information encryption. Microprint is also a feasible anti-counterfeit approach, appropriate for the extremely secure identity card packages described above. Reproducing through simple photocopying or scanning at a would-be counterfeiter's desk fails to reveal the microtext and will simply generate a solid or dotted line, therefore making your identification cards harder to forge. A simple inspection with a magnifying glass can screen the distinction between the pointy characters produced with microprint or blurred characters that are a result of unauthorized reproduction.

Optional integrated and add-on modules for maximum flexibility.

The XID8600 is customizable consistent with your needs. Each internal and external module can be configured on this printer to match its usage. Considering state-of-the-art identification card applications normally require personalization on one or both sides of the card, the standard version XID8600 already comes equipped for duplex printing, thanks to the pre-installed integrated flipper module. A two-hundred-card input feeder (for 30 mil or 0.76 mm cards) is also included from the factory. In addition options including a "bend remedy" unit and various encoding modules are always available. The former (bend remedy) may be used to reshape a slightly bent card after processing. A standard contact or RFID contactless chip encoder, as well as a magnetic stripe creator are available as encoding alternatives. Furthermore, the XID8600 may be used outfitted with an inline single or double-sided lamination module (Matica's ILM ls or ILM-DS) to increase the durability and tamper-resistance of your cards.

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