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Data Protection

Data Use Policy Regarding Printed ID Cards, Badges and Passes

We at (ID Shop, Inc.)  will take every reasonable measure to protect the data that any customer sends to our group for the purposes of printing and delivering ID Cards, Badges, Credentials and Passes. Your list data and photographs will only be used for their intended purpose within our company, and will never be sold, rented or given over to any third party.

Data Storage

Your data is stored on encrypted, protected physical drives within our facility and in some cases is also backed up to our private storage area within the DropBox Business ecosystem. For information on the security of any information stored in DropBox Business please visit this link.

Your data is not retained for any purpose other than reprinting of your order upon your request. We maintain records on artwork, proofs, photos and printable text information until your order is complete. For information on student information policies, please see below.

Student Data Protection is Important to ID Shop, Inc.

We at  (ID shop, Inc.) believe in privacy and security especially when a school entrusts our team with personal information. 

If you are a school doing business with ID Shop, Inc., and you need to submit student data in order to facilitate an order of badges, name-tags or passes, your data will be protected in the manner described here. Your data will not be sold, distributed, mined or used in any way other than to generate the printed items in your order. The student information we are sent by you will only be used for the job it was meant to do. This information is essential to the process of producing cards, badges and credentials for their students. We treat your student data with extreme care, and we never expose the information to third parties or anyone outside of our team.

After the order has been completed and shipped, we do not maintain the data and it will be destroyed and/or deleted. Our facilities are protected by electronic physical access control as well as video surveillance. Our electronic files are not available to anyone outside of our organization, and are not accessible without proper credentials.

As partners of our K-12 education customers, it's extremely important that we maintain privacy and security when dealing with student data. Please direct any student data privacy questions to:
P.O. Box 49457
Greenwood, SC 29649

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