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Blank ID Cards | PVC Cards

PVC Cards | Blank ID Cards

Will these cards work with any ID card printer? Almost certainly. All printers that accept a CR80 sized blank card, also know as a credit card sized blank card will be able to print onto these items. These bright white blank cards are made for use in most common card printers including Zebra, Fargo, HID, Matica, IDP, Magicard and Datacard printer models. The PVC or PVC/PET cards shown here are packaged per 100 or 500 blank cards.

Which card should you use? That depends on the way you plan to use the card. Blank plastic cards for desktop card printers are typically made from either 100% PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or a composite mixture of PVC and PET (polyethylene terephthalate.) For typical everyday ID card printing without lamination a PVC card or 100% PVC card is the most economical choice, and it offers good durability and a clean printing surface. For applications that require more durability, and when the printer will be laminating the final product, you will benefit from using Composite PVC/PET, also known as 60/40 cards. Composite blank cards are stronger and will not bend as easily as 100% PVC.

What is the difference between a card and an overlay? The products listed as "overlays" below are often called "sticky-back cards" and they are made to be adhered to another card such as an RFID or Proximity access control badge. These overlays are a great choice when the situation calls for an ID card image needs to adhere to an electronic access card. If the product description below doesn't include the term "overlay" then the product is a blank card with no adhesive or "sticky" back.

What's the difference between CR80 and CR79? CR80 is known as credit-card size, and it means that the card is exactly 2.125" x 3.375" in size. These are the typical cards used in ID card operations. CR79 is a slightly smaller format that is often used for printing a slightly smaller ID badge that "nests" onto a beveled edge card such as a Prox II card from HID. When in doubt, rest assured that 99% of ID cards are CR80.

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