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Parking Hang Tag - 7.5in Round with Hanger - 30Mil

Parking Hang Tag - 7.5in Round with Hanger - 30Mil

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Printed to Order in USA
0.0100 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
100 units

NEW! This large 7.5 X 10.3 inch Writeable "Kettle-Bell" shaped Carpool Pick-up Hang Tag is made from composite material and glossy polyester lamination to form a durable waterproof hang tag that is guaranteed for 5 years of use. Tags are made in the USA at Laminex. Hangs from rear-view mirror. Remove tag before driving vehicle. Students names can be printed onto the pass, or handwritten with a permanent marker.


  • 30-mil (0.03") thickness
  • Big 7.5" x 10.3" design is visible from long distances
  • Glossy durable lamination on both sides
  • Non-paper construction
  • Waterproof
  • Includes full-color Printing on both sides
  • Includes numbers, custom text and bar code on both sides
  • Made in USA

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