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Case Study: Airline Security Consultant Updates Card Printers

Elite aviation security consultant issues visual security ID cards for all employees with new card printers.


cs-ids-aviation.jpgIt’s been so easy printing cards with this system; and it barely takes up any space!

– Robert Soelberg
Huntleigh USA’s Las Vegas manager


The Challenge

Huntleigh USA has been a global leader in the development of tailored, comprehensive and effective security solutions for individuals and businesses for over 20 years. Huntleigh USA provides manpower trained specifically for aviation related services like ground handling, cabin cleaning, and customer services to airline passengers as well as non-security aviation related services depending on the clients’ needs. In addition to the extensive background check and airport authorization that the Huntleigh USA employees go through, it is necessary for them to be visually identifiable at all times.

Employees were previously only required to have an authorization badge when entering the airport tarmac, but new security requirements now mean that all Huntleigh staff must have photo identification on them at all times and especially when servicing a client at an airport. Considering all of the aspects of the security requirements, the Magicard Enduro+ card printer from Ultra ID was chosen to augment the new employee ID program.

The Solution

The Enduro+ is a durable and secure desktop card printer capable of issuing hundreds of full color secure identification badges on demand. Since the Enduro+ is plug and play certified on both windows and Apple computers, it can be integrated with any pre-configured system. “It’s been so easy printing cards with this system; it barely takes up any space!” said Huntleigh USA’s Las Vegas manager Robert Soelberg.

The Enduro+ comes with built-in Holokote technology, a patented security feature that frosts a secure watermark onto the card’s entire surface during printing using the overlay panel in the YMCKO dye-film. When used with Ultra ID’s HoloPatch cards the augmented HoloKote watermark provides additional and secure visual authentication.

The Results

The Enduro+ was used with desktop photo ID printing software, which also serves as a data management tool to store an unlimited number of records. Custom lanyards were also designed to feature the Huntleigh USA logo. The system as a whole included everything Huntleigh USA needed to launch, print, and maintain an employee identification badge program onsite, eliminating the need for outside assistance.

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