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Case Study: Airline Consolidates all ID Badge Products with idshop

ID Shop Provides Superior Service to JetBlue Airways



“I recommend ID Shop to all of our partners. I have a big stack of their business cards – I pass them out all the time.”

– Candice Trent
Security Coordinator
JetBlue Airways


The Challenge

In today’s travel environment, security is a critically important piece of every major airline’s day-to-day operations. For JetBlue Airways, with thousands of employees across four major hubs – including pilots and flight attendants, maintenance teams and technicians – ID badges are a big part of the airline’s security and identity.

Not only does JetBlue need ID badges and supplies, it also needs customized accessories in the airline’s unique “blue” color.

The Solution

Since 2007, JetBlue has relied on ID Shop to provide all of its employee ID badges, which also serve as access control cards, as well as its badging systems, badge printers, printing supplies and customized accessories.

“We order lots of custom items including lanyards with our blue and grey stripe, logo and design,” said Candice Trent, JetBlue Airways’ security coordinator. “We even have a unique badge reel and arm band that has been customized to match our uniforms.”

Additionally, JetBlue relies on ID Shop’s high level of customer service.

“I love their service,” said Trent. “They are always on top of it and their turnaround is very quick. In at least the past five years, I have never had to send an order back – they are always right.”

The Results

To ensure that it can always fulfill JetBlue’s orders on time, ID Shop stocks many of the airline’s most ordered products year-round. “They have even gone as far as keeping a supply of what we order on their shelves for us – already customized – in the event that we need a rush order,” said Trent. “They always have what we need and always for the best price. They are always on board no matter what we throw at them.”

In addition to serving JetBlue as a trusted vendor, ID Shop also serves as an advisor, sharing new product information, walking through options, and making cost-saving recommendations.

“They take a real interest in our business and stay up to date on what’s new in the market. What worked years ago might not be the best option now and we are always looking to try new things,” said Trent. “I recommend ID Shop to all of our partners. I have a big stack of their business cards – I pass them out all the time.”

For information about these and other products, contact ID Shop, Inc. at (844) 443-7467 or visit and read about how this aviation consultant updated their ID cards and printers

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