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Why You Should Purchase Custom Lanyards for Your Event

Why You Should Purchase Custom Lanyards for Your Event

Events are making a comeback in a big way, and it’s more important than ever to stand out in a crowded calendar. When it comes to branding, security and experience, custom lanyards are one of the smartest purchases you can make.

Why You Should Purchase Custom Event Lanyards

There are many benefits to selecting custom lanyards for your event. While color-coordinated lanyards are an easy choice, taking the extra step to get custom-printed lanyards will give your event a unique edge. Attendees are always looking for details that set an event apart from the rest, and custom-printed lanyards are a great way to do that.

Custom-printed lanyards are great for:

  • Branding: An event’s branding can make or break an attendee’s decision to buy a ticket, so be sure to make a strong impression with engaging and dynamic materials. Custom lanyards can feature your event’s colors, name or tagline.
  • Security: Part of a positive event experience is ensuring that your attendees and staff feel safe. Custom lanyards make it easy to identify people who are allowed to be in specific areas or events.
  • VIP access: When attendees purchase VIP tickets, they want to feel special and have the ability to access special events or areas quickly. Custom-printed lanyards are a simple way to differentiate between attendee levels.
  • Experience: Successful events provide a cohesive, detail-oriented experience to attendees. Custom lanyards and the attached badges help create smooth transitions between events, especially if you have different groups of people doing activities at the same time.

Printed lanyards can be easily customized for your event’s requirements. They come in different widths — ranging from 3/8", 3/4" and 1" — so you can pick the right one based on the text you’d like to include.

There is a wide range of attachment options to choose from, depending on how and where your attendees will wear their lanyards, including:

  • Steel swivel J-hook: These are chrome-plated steel hooks.
  • Steel swivel bulldog clip: These clips are spring-loaded for easy badge removal.
  • Steel lobster claw: These have an upgraded, heavier metal clasp with a trigger snap.
  • Plastic no-twist hook: These have non-metal end fittings for ID cards that need to face forward at all times and are great for younger attendees or staff who need to be easily identifiable.
  • Steel split-ring: These are key-ring style metal circles.
  • Breakaway lanyards: Breakaway clasps are a smart safety feature.

Printing on the lanyards themselves can be done in several ways. Dye sublimation printing is capable of providing full-color graphics, text, images and over-the-edge printing. Screen printing can color match your other branding materials to give everything a cohesive look.

Once you’ve decided on the text or images you want to print on your lanyards, think about how, where and why attendees will wear their badges. Pick the length, attachment method and orientation that best suits the information you want displayed. For example, a sports event occurring outside would benefit from badges and lanyards that are laminated to prevent staining or fading from moisture. Brightly colored badges that designate different levels of access would be a smart choice for conventions that include private events. Cohesively branded badges are a good choice for a work convention taking place in a resort or hotel where attendees aren’t the only people in the space.

Trust Your Event to a Professional Badge Company

When designing your event’s materials, it’s important to work with a reputable printing company. Cheap-looking badges that arrive late are nothing but a source of stress for event planners and a disappointment for attendees. Ordering a sample kit is a great way to check out what the lanyards will look like in person before you commit to a bulk order.

Creating an attractive badge and lanyard combination for your event is an easy way to attract attendees and improve their experience. Whether you are prioritizing security, access or branding, custom-printed lanyards can support your goals and help you create an event that will be memorable for all of the right reasons.

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