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What Is An RFID-Blocking Card Sleeve?

What Is An RFID-Blocking Card Sleeve?

Dating back to World War II, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has become a staple in our modern world. Credit cards, passports and other “smart cards” use RFID to transmit data to card readers. This ability to digitally communicate between cards and readers has found uses in commerce, security, schools and more.

RFID cards are programmed with a specific set of data. In the case of badges and credentials, that data can include the employee’s name, number or access codes. When the card is held in front of the reader, the waves “talk” to the reader and trigger it to perform a certain action, like opening a locked door. This process is instantaneous and cuts down on the time a person would otherwise spend manually entering the needed information. 

RFID in the Workplace

RFID technology can be used in many different ways in the workplace, but the most common application is security. Employees use their ID cards to scan in and out of areas, ensuring that only authorized staff members have access to sensitive information. In the event of an emergency, security personnel can also track the whereabouts of employees to make sure that everyone has been safely evacuated.

RFID cards are also a useful way to have hourly employees clock in and out of their shifts. “Buddy punching” — a practice where an employee clocks in or out for a colleague who isn’t actually there — can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Since RFID cards are uniquely tied to each staff member, the ability and temptation to “buddy punch” is removed.

Another, more modern use of RFID technology is to help create a “touchless” workplace in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. When employees have the ability to swipe a card to enter a room, fewer hands have to touch keypads and door handles. This, in turn, minimizes the chance of a viral outbreak among staff or customers. If exposure were to occur, RFID cards make it easier to perform contact tracing to find out where and when a contagious person has interacted with others. 

RFID-Blocking Technology

As businesses integrate more RFID technology into their security and workplace processes, it is more important than ever to make sure the information is safe from cybersecurity threats. Hackers are able to read RFID cards with a scanner through pockets, wallets or purses, obtaining sensitive data without anyone noticing.

Because RFID cards have a subset of data written into them, someone holding a reader near you can trigger your card to communicate with the reader and expose the information. This data can then be used to create duplicate badges or cards, which can make your workplace vulnerable to unauthorized entry or the theft of sensitive information.

RFID-shielded card holders are designed to keep your RFID badges and credentials safe from potential exposure. Convenient and secure, all you need to do is slide your badge into the holder to protect it from hackers. Third-party card readers are unable to communicate with a badge inside these holders. Your company’s data will be protected and secure, giving both you and your staff peace of mind. 

The ID Shop Promise

At ID Shop, we are committed to supporting your company’s security processes. Our RFID cards and shielded card holders work together to create a reliable and secure system for your employees as they access areas of a secure building. You’ll never have to worry about whether your facility’s data is at risk of being stolen.

If you’re interested in printing your own RFID cards, ID Shop carries everything you need to efficiently print in-house. RFID printers have an encoder inside that uses radio frequency transmission to write the data specific to each card. In addition to writing that information, it can print other graphic elements — like text, photos or logos — just like a regular printer.

Once you decide on the right printer, you’ll need to purchase compatible cards. If you have questions about whether a card will work with your existing readers, we can provide you with a sample card so you can test it and ensure compatibility. Our cards are compatible with a number of different brands, including HID, Honeywell, Farpointe and Kantech.

Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have about RFID cards, printers or shielded card holders. Give us a call at 844-443-7467 today.

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