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How to Choose the Right Lanyards for Your Building Staff

How to Choose the Right Lanyards for Your Building Staff

Badges are a great way to support your company’s security and customer service processes. However, It’s important to choose the right type of lanyard to make sure that the badges are being used by your team the way they’re meant to be.

If the badges are even a little inconvenient to wear, your staff will probably leave them in a locker or keep them in a pocket, defeating the purpose and minimizing the effectiveness of your badge program. So how do you make sure your badges are on the right lanyards for your staff? We’ve got you covered!

The Benefits of a Badge Program

Badges are a versatile addition to many business processes. They can have technology like RFID or barcodes embedded in the card itself, allowing staff to use them for entry to authorized areas or as a time-clocking device. They can be used by security personnel to monitor employees’ locations within a building, which is especially important in the case of an evacuation. And they’re excellent for reducing the need to physically touch door hands and keypads, thereby keeping your staff healthy and safe from viral outbreaks.

However, if you’re looking for lanyards, odds are you want your staff members’ badges to be displayed as part of their uniform. Badges worn this way are particularly great for branding, since you can coordinate the badge and lanyard’s colors and text to reflect that of your company logo. It gives a sleek and professional look to your team.

Badges worn on lanyards are also excellent for facilitating interaction between staff and clients. New customers are more likely to approach staff and ask questions if they can easily identify them by name and job title. Positive communication like this helps to transform first-time visitors into loyal returning customers.

Choosing the Right Lanyard for Your Badges

The right type of lanyard for your business will be completely dependent on what your average day in the office looks like. Before ordering, consider these questions:

How will the lanyard be used? Consider how your staff uses their badges. Are they simply for identification where lanyards with ID holders will be ideal, or do they need to be used for keycard entry or time clocking? Will they be handled all day or looped over a person’s neck and left alone?

Are there any safety concerns? What does your building’s environment look like for workers? Are there potentially hazardous situations where someone’s lanyard might catch on something? Should the lanyards be capable of breaking away quickly?

How should the lanyard and badge look together? Lastly, think of the overall appearance. Do the lanyards need to convey a message, or are they going to be blank? Do they need to hang chest-height for easy-reading or longer for convenience? Are they going to be color-coordinated based on job title or will everyone wear the same color?

Different Lanyard Options

Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s relatively easy to select the right type of lanyards with ID holders for your business. For example, if your staff works in a potentially hazardous environment, breakaway lanyards would be the best choice. If your staff is client-facing, then lanyards printed with your company’s branding would be effective.

When you work with a company that specializes in USA manufactured lanyards with ID holders, you’ll receive high-quality products that are almost endlessly customizable. You’ll be able to order both pre-printed and custom-printed lanyards with a short turnaround time on delivery.

If you’re looking to use printed lanyards, they can be easily tailored to your staffs’ specific needs. They come in different widths — ranging from 3/8", 3/4" and 1" — so you can pick the right one based on the text you’d like to include.

Attachment options come in several varieties to choose from, depending on how and where your staff will wear their lanyards, including:

  • Steel swivel J-hook. These are chrome-plated steel hooks.
  • Steel swivel bulldog clip. These clips are spring-loaded for easy badge removal.
  • Steel lobster claw. These have an upgraded, heavier metal clasp with a trigger snap.
  • Plastic no-twist hook. These have non-metal end fittings for ID cards that need to face forward at all times and are great for staff who need to be easily identifiable.
  • Steel split-ring. These are key-ring style metal circles.
  • Breakaway lanyards. Breakaway clasps are a smart safety feature.

The printing itself can be achieved in two different ways. Dye sublimation printing is capable of providing full-color graphics, text, images and over-the-edge printing. Screen printing can color match your other branding materials to give everything a cohesive and professional look.

Trust Your Lanyard Order to a Professional Badge Company

Once you have an idea of what you’d like your lanyards to look like, it’s time to reach out to a professional badge company. The experts there will be able to help you design and print your desired lanyards to your exact specifications.

The right lanyards will make your staff look professional, increase positive interactions with your customers and support your company’s security and time-clocking processes. And best of all, they’ll make sure the badges actually get worn to work instead of left in a car.

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