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How Health Care Systems Can Use IDs for Security and More

How Health Care Systems Can Use IDs for Security and More

A well-functioning health care system seamlessly supports professionals as they go about the important work of helping patients recover. There’s a lot that goes into making sure the system is working the way it should, from security processes to sanitation procedures, and even customer service. An ID badge program is an effective way to improve these processes so that health care professionals can focus on what really matters — improving health outcomes.

Badges Improve Safety

Safety is key to a health care system. Patients, doctors, nurses and visitors need to feel secure in their day-to-day work environment, and sensitive areas of a healthcare facility need to be protected from unauthorized access.

Healthcare ID badges are great for improving safety procedures. On a functional level, they are an easy way for patients and staff to visually identify who someone is. This is important when urgent care is needed or someone is looking for a doctor or nurse. Badge backers are accessories that can be layered with a badge and allow for specific job titles or credentials to be listed for easy reading.

The visual aid of a worn ID badge allows security personnel to quickly identify if someone is not authorized to be in a specific location. In addition, the use of encrypted technology like radio frequency identification, or RFID, makes it easy for security staff to monitor the whereabouts of everyone within an area. This is especially important in emergency situations, since it can help expedite an evacuation and ensure that no one is left behind in the building.

RFID is used as a data collection and tracking system. It allows a uniquely coded chip to interact with an RFID reader. It creates a secure form of data sharing that isn’t easily compromised, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized access or stolen identification.

Badges Minimize Health Risks

Minimizing the risk of a viral outbreak in a hospital is crucial for the safety of vulnerable patients, and badges are an effective way to help keep your staff healthy and safe while doing their jobs. Badges that include RFID or barcodes help minimize the amount of hands that come in contact with keypads or door handles, which can help prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria that can negatively impact a recovering patient.

Reducing the risk of health care professionals becoming sick is also incredibly important, since staff shortages mean that everyone is already being asked to go beyond their normal workloads.

Hygienic alternatives, like RFID wristbands, are durable and able to be used without the need to pull them out of wallets or pockets, further minimizing the risk of contamination.

Some wristbands are washable and sealed against moisture. Once wiped clean with sanitizer, they become the ultimate clean access device. Hospitals, clean-rooms and refrigerated facilities can all benefit from the use of RFID wristbands.

Badges Support Branding Efforts

Branding is an important part of creating a hospital environment that promotes trust and comfort for the patients and families who walk through the doors. Badges are an effective piece of this, because the lanyards, colors and fonts used can all coordinate with existing branding programs. Not only does this make a cohesive and professional appearance for your staff, but it helps patients to quickly identify staff when in need.

Lanyards or badge reels can be color-coded based on a staff members’ job title or access levels. They can also be customized with your organization’s logo or tagline.

Badges Save Time and Money

Between professionals, visiting staff, medical students, volunteers and visitors, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people walking in and out of health care facilities every day. That’s a lot of IDs to have on hand at any given time, and the expense of relying on a third-party printer and paying for quick turnaround time can be cost-prohibitive.

Setting up a badge program in your organization that allows for print-on-demand badges can save you a lot of time and money. It’s easy to make and print a badge within minutes, ensuring that everyone in your building is accounted for and authorized to be there.

Plus, many ID badge supply companies offer bulk discounts when ordering badges, ink or accessories. You’ll be able to create a completely tailored program to your health care organization’s needs while staying on budget.

Create an Effective Badge Program For Your Health Care System

Badges and their accessories are a great way to increase security, reinforce branding and minimize health risks in any size health care system. Work with a trusted badge printing and supply partner to create the ideal program for your organization’s needs and support your team in their important work.

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