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5 Reasons Your Company Needs ID Badges

5 Reasons Your Company Needs ID Badges

Large corporations have used ID badges for decades to improve security, limit access to certain areas and even to ensure employee accountability. While virtually all large companies now use ID badges, many smaller organizations might think that they don’t need company ID badges. After all, what if your organization is small enough that it’s easy to account for each employee’s whereabouts? Or maybe you don’t have areas that require secure access. Why would you bother to create ID badges?

Glad you asked.

While smaller companies may not have benefited from ID badges in the past, today they have a lot to gain by implementing the use of badges. Custom employee ID badges actually do much more these days than simply provide identification.

Benefits of Employee ID Badges

When you think about all the elements that go into creating a custom ID badge, you start to realize that it really is much more than just a way to verify each person’s identity. Your employee ID badges are an extension of your company’s brand and image, and as such, they help tell the story of your organization. Let’s look at five ways that having employee badges can benefit employees, customers and the company as a whole.

No. 1: It Makes Employees Feel More Familiar to Customers

Every customer likes being able to put a name to the face they’re talking to, and that’s exactly what an ID badge does. Knowing the name of the person who is helping them, or being able to call them by name whenever they visit, helps build relationships between your employees and your customers more quickly.

No. 2: It Helps With Company Branding

Company branding plays a huge role for every business these days. While a great deal of time and money goes into developing the appropriate branding, sometimes that branding is overlooked when it comes to your company ID badge.

However, ID badges are seen by many people during the day, not just by visitors to your location but also by people who interact with your employees when they go out to lunch, run an errand or attend a conference. Instead of creating a simple, plain white badge with your employee information, use your ID badge as an opportunity to support your company’s overall branding efforts.

No. 3: It Improves Company Unity

The theme song from “Cheers” said it best: “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” ID badges are the perfect way to make sure that workers know their colleagues' names, and they help promote a sense of identity. If your badges are only seen in-house, you can even have a little fun with the design, like adding a nickname or “fun fact” about each worker on the back of the badge.

ID badges also display the individual’s title, which can boost confidence and even provide more incentive to work harder to achieve a new position. Since it’s unlikely that your “team” wears a uniform, an ID badge is the next best thing to bring them all together and make them feel connected.

No. 4: It Provides an Opportunity to Give Rewards and Discounts

If your company has partnerships to offer discounts or special rewards at businesses such as a local gym, restaurants or other participating merchants, they can use the ID badge as a way take advantage of those offers. And, each time they do, it’s helping to build your brand recognition.

No. 5: It Adds More Professionalism to Your Company

A well-designed employee ID badge that incorporates your company logo and other branding can help elevate visitors' overall impressions. It can make even a small company appear more polished and professional, and a great first impression is a critical part of getting a new customer’s business.

Creating the Perfect Badge for Your Company

Once you decide to invest in ID badges for your company, you’ll find that you have many options. You can choose from a variety of plastic ID badges and laminated ID badges, and you will also want to decide how employees will wear them. Will they use a custom lanyard printed with your company logo? A retractable card reel? A clip? Knowing how your badges are going to be displayed will help you design your badge and make sure that it can easily be seen.

Next, you’ll want to look at the design of your badge. Following these design basics will help make sure your badge includes all the important elements and can even help you choose the right security features.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to do all of the work in-house or if you are going to outsource the project. If you have a frequent need for creating ID badges, you might consider getting an ID badge printer that can be operated on-site. However, if this is an occasional need, it might be easier and more cost-effective to use an ID badge printing service.

If you’re not confident in your badge design skills and lack access to a graphic artist, working with an outside vendor might be your best option. You’ll want to make a list of exactly what services you'll need. Do you have a graphic artist who can design it in-house, then send the images to the printer? Or do you require more help that involves merging files and tweaking existing files? Knowing what you need is critical in locating a qualified badge printer.

Just as the right ID badge can improve your company’s overall image and branding efforts, the right ID badge provider can make sure it meets your expectations. Do your homework and read customer testimonials and reviews to be sure that you’re partnering with a trustworthy company that will deliver the top-notch product you’re expecting.

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