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Case Study: University of Alabama uses idshop for Durable Sports Credentials

ID Shop Beats the Alabama Heat with Innovative Moisture-Resistant Sports Credentials


ID Shop is always there for us when we need them.

– Red Leonard
Event Management & Games
The University of Alabama


The Challenge

The University of Alabama has a premiere college sports program with over 25 team NCAA championships and countless conference championships under its belt. As you would expect, game days on Alabama’s campus are exciting and complex.

Each year, the University needs thousands of season passes and sideline credentials, as well as a variety of specialty products including game day credentials, wristbands, temporary decal access tags and much more – not just for football, but for all of its sports teams school-wide. To add to the complexity, the extreme Alabama humidity had been causing the University’s paper sideline badges to prematurely deconstruct.

“In this kind of humidity, the sideline badges were just wearing out too fast,” said Red Leonard, Alabama’s event management and games director. “When it gets wet, the structure is compromised and it tears apart. We needed a better product.”

The Solution

In 2012, the University turned to ID Shop to credentials all of its sporting events including laminated badges, paper tags, decals, signage and customized lanyards. The University was drawn to ID Shop’s excellent customer service and competitive pricing, but it was their humidity resistant sideline badges that really made ID Shop stand out above other vendors. The innovative paper-based badges contain an embedded film-like structure to give them added strength and durability – even in the Alabama heat.

“ID Shop took the time to understand our challenge and created a badge for us that can really hold up on the field in all kinds of weather conditions,” said Leonard. “We use it now for all of our game day passes for all sports. It’s a great product.”

The Results

Today, ID Shop supplies all badging systems and supplies for all of the University’s sporting events, year round. In addition to using innovative materials, these customized products each have a unique design and added security built in to prevent fraud.

“ID Shop is always there for us when we need them,” said Leonard. “They have an incredibly high level of service, fast turnaround, high quality products – and the expertise to handle the complexity of our sports programs. They know what they’re doing and they do it well.”

For information about these and other products, contact ID Shop, Inc. at (844) 443-7467 or visit

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