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Case Study: University Entrusts idshop with new Student ID Card Printers and Supplies

ID Shop Makes Student IDs Easy for Lander University


lander-u-logo.png“When I have a problem, I can call ID Shop anytime and they walk me through it. They are always there for me when I need them.”

– Angela Fulbright
Lander University
Police Department


The Challenge

For students at Lander University, ID cards are for more than just identification. These cards act as meal tickets, library cards, keys to many buildings, and even as a ticket to various special events on campus.

With 3,000 students and 138 full-time faculty members, printing ID cards onsite is a major job that falls on the campus police department.

“Printing student IDs isn’t our primary job, so in the beginning, we needed a lot of help,” said Angela Fulbright, who works with the Lander University Police Department. “Our previous vendor didn’t provide us with the technical support we needed. The quality of the cards wasn’t good and the system was unreliable.”

The Solution

In 2007, Lander University decided to look for a new ID vendor. They didn’t have to look far. ID Shop is headquartered in Greenwood, South Carolina – right in Lander’s backyard.

“ID Shop’s president and head of IT both went to Lander and they have hired several of our students over the years,” said Fulbright. “When I have a problem, I can call ID Shop anytime and they walk me through it. They are always there for me when I need them.”

Lander uses the system to print all of its student IDs – including over 600 during freshman orientation sessions each summer.

“If the system went down during orientation or the printer stopped working, I would have a real problem,” said Fulbright. “If that ever happened, I know I could call ID Shop and they would bring me another one.”

The Results

Today, Lander buys all of its ID cards, systems, software, printers and supplies from ID Shop. In addition to student IDs, Lander also prints cards for faculty and staff, campus nursing students, married students’ family members, faculty/staff/alumni family members, and high school cadets who are taking college classes.

“We use the system year-round,” said Fulbright. “With ID Shop, we can get everything we need from one place and the support and quality is outstanding. I would definitely recommend them.”

For information about these and other products, contact ID Shop, Inc. at (844) 443-7467 or visit

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