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Case Study: High School Uses ID Shop for Turn-Key ID Card Operations

ID Shop Makes Back-to-School Easy for Spring Valley High School


svhslogo.jpg“We get amazing service and help from ID Shop. They are always there for us when we need them. They really go above and beyond to make my job easier.”

– Susan Adams
Library Media Specialist
Spring Valley High School


The Challenge

With over 2,000 students, ID cards play an important role at Columbia, SC-based Spring Valley High School. Students and faculty use their IDs for security, as well as in the cafeteria and to check out books in the library.

Though as many as 1,400 students are returning each year with photos on file, new ID cards must be printed for them at the beginning of the school year, in addition to the almost 700 new students and upcoming freshmen who also need a printed photo ID.

The monumental task of printing and sorting these IDs is both time consuming and challenging for the school’s staff, all of whom have many other back-to-school responsibilities.

The Solution

Five years ago, Spring Valley High School partnered with ID Shop for all of its student and faculty ID cards. Today, returning students’ ID cards are pre-printed over the summer by ID Shop and sent to the school, sorted and ready to distribute. As a result, school staff is only responsible for printing IDs on-site for new students and the several hundred rising freshmen, which saves a lot of time.

“We get amazing service and help from ID Shop – they are always there for us when we need them,” said Susan Adams, Spring Valley High School’s library media specialist. “Printing IDs is not my main job. They really go above and beyond to make my job easier.”

This kind of support is especially important for a school like Spring Valley, which has multiple templates for temporary and permanent faculty and student IDs, as well as unique designs for seniors, underclassmen and volunteers – all of which must be routed to the right printer.

“I’m a huge fan of ID Shop. When I need help or don’t know how to troubleshoot something, they are always there to help me fix it quickly,” said Adams. “I am so grateful I have them to help me – I couldn’t do my job without them.”

In addition to its technical support, ID Shop’s customer service really sets them apart – like when Spring Valley needed lanyards and supplies at the last minute for an important event.

“They went out of their way s so that we would have them in time,” said Adams. “With ID Shop, it’s never a big deal for them to get you what you need.”

The Results

In addition to student IDs, printers and supplies, and customized lanyards, ID Shop also provides the high school with faculty ID cards, which contain a chip that allows faculty access to printers and copiers

“I like getting all of our supplies from ID Shop because I know I’m getting exactly what I need for our system,” said Adams. “ID Shop has done so much for me – as long as I’m here, we’re never switching to anyone else.”

For information about these and other products, contact ID Shop, Inc. at (844) 443-7467 or visit

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